M1 – Massage Gala


Professional Massage Gala

Official Announcements and Performances:

8 & 9 April | Athens, Greece

The M1 is the 1st Professional Massage Gala, an International Show Massage Competition!

M1 Productions, under the Umbrella of W.M.F., introduce a breakthrough in the massage world! For the first time, a Massage Gala brings together the elite of massage therapists to take part in an exclusive, invitation-only, event set to raise the spectators’ adrenaline and to broaden the massage world’s boundaries.

In the qualification rounds, the contestants are offered one chance to reach the finals. They are separated into two groups of 8 men and 8 women, where they compete against each other in pairs, in order to receive the first place in their respective group and win the Golden Pass to the Finals!

Once there, the winners of the qualification round unite with the rest of the invited Gladiators and form the two finalists’ groups of 8 men and 8 women. After a series of duels, only one man and one woman will be declared M1’s first Champions and will receive the amazing prize of €10.000!

Below is a sneak peek of what happened at the “Golden Ticket tournament” in Yerevan, Armenia!

The 2 Golden ticket winners that will unite with the invited Gladiators to the finals are:

Hasmik Hovakinyan from Armenia for women division


Masoud Baniamerian from Iran for men division