Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member?

Simply fill in the required fields on the site and a member of staff will reply to you.

Who can register as member?

Member can be any individual therapist, massage school, spa, massage studio, companies offering additional massage servcices such hotels, gyms, beauty institutes and salons and moreover massage associations, national federations, unions, universities

Is my diploma uploaded on the site and world wide recognized?

All WMF diplomas can be found on site. And all are world wide recognized.

How can I find my name on the list?

Just type your name in the required field.

When and where is the next event scheduled?

Please check the events button or if you need more details contact us.

How can I register the hotel or studio I am working as member or my massage school?

Go to the required field and type all Hotel details. If you need assistance contact our team.

Do you accept individuals in the WMF?

We certainly do, all are welcomed to become members

How can I abtain the WMF certificate since I am a professional?

In that case we will need to have your diplomas checked and certify your knowledge and experience.

How can I be a massage instructor and teach?

You can simply contact our administrator for all details.

Contact us:  info@worldmassagefederation.com