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Major Massage Types
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Reference to the most well-known Massage Types

CLASSIC: The emperor of massage. It is the basic knowledge of each therapist and the basis on which one needs to know to be able to practice later other massage techniques.

ATHLETIC: It focuses on freeing the muscles, on the discharge of substances and the quick recovery of the muscular system.

THERAPEUTIC: It is based on the chiropractic method which is an independent health science. It deals with the prevention but also with the treatment of neuromuscular and skeletal diseases. It also helps the rehabilitation of injured muscles.

LYMPHATIC: It is addressed to the lymphatic organs, lymph nodes, lymphatic and it improves the movement of lymph. It has been developed in the 1930 from the Danish therapist Emil Vodder. It aims to strengthen the immune system, to detoxify the human body, at fighting cellulite and the reduction of withholding fluids.

SHIATSU: Japanese healing technique that helps facilitate the flow of vital energy which is divided into meridians. When the flow of energy is interrupted then problems and diseases are caused to the body.

REFLEXOLOGY: Science of massage that although it’s been existed from ancient times, however spread much in the 20th century. It is based in treatment that focuses on the nerve endings in the feet and hands.

THAI: It is one of the oldest traditional healing methods of the traditional Thai medicine. It includes stretching (like Yoga) and pressure along the main energy lines of the human body so that the blocked energy can be released. Thai Massage improves flexibility and posture.

FACE LIFTING: It is a head treatment with east techniques that helps to relax facial muscles, giving a better appearance and beauty. This kind of massage stimulates the capillaries that exist beneath the skin, so we can achieve the reduction of wrinkles and we can fight aging.

ANTI CELLULITE: Massage focusing on problematic areas where there is cellulite in order to dissolve fat cells, to provide hyperemia, to improve skin appearance and the tightening of the relaxed skin.

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